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Founder, Adam D. Blainey, takes you on an App Demo to whet your appetite for horror! Funeral music soundtrack by Oddio.

The Uninvited presents: Hank Meets Some Zombies

‘The Uninvited presents’ brings you our third eBook from author Matthew Boyer.

The Uninvited presents…

Hank Meets Some Zombies
a novella by Matthew Boyer

Hank is having pretty much the worst day of his life. He’s been fired from his job, insulted by a tramp, and his wife has left him. But it gets worse. How about a flipping zombie outbreak to top it off?

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The Uninvited presents: Love Bites

‘The Uninvited presents’ brings you our second eBook from author Patrick Freivald.

The Uninvited presents…

Love Bites
a novella by Patrick Freivald

In the bowels of a top-secret government lab, scientists race against time to stop the deadliest weapon ever engineered: the zombie virus. As an outbreak threatens to engulf mankind, Dr. Jennifer Picknett struggles with the ultimate choice: a cure or her humanity.

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The Uninvited presents: Blood Beast

‘The Uninvited presents’ brings you our first eBook from author Mark MacKenzie.

The Uninvited presents…

Blood Beast
a novella by Mark MacKenzie

You are a powerful beast that has awoke from an ancient slumber and now you are very, very hungry….. for human flesh!

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Welcome to The Uninvited Magazine

“Just what is The Uninvited, anyway?”

Glad you asked! The Uninvited Magazine is a quarterly horror and weird fiction publication of short stories and comics for iPad (coming to Kindle Fire, B&N Nook, and Kobo Vox soon!).

The Uninvited is also a culmination of certain man’s feverish dream—that man being Adam Blainey, owner and president of Victoria BC based Rock Bay Media. See, Adam loves horror as much as he loves hockey. Noticing that there was a lack of horror magazine apps for the iPad, and being a iNut himself, Adam decided to put an anthology of horror short-stories and comics together for the device he enjoys.

And it just kinda snowballed from there.

Adam went about assembling a crack team of dedicated (and usually sober) professional creators to help collect and collate remarkable and memorable material. He didn’t just want any sort of horror magazine. He wanted the best. This included developing a budget to pay contributors and a small staff. And don’t think Adam just sits on a Throne of Awesome, delegating tasks to menial creativity servants… no, Adam dives right into the nitty-gritty doing layout, talent scouting, baby sacrifices to Dark Gods and even some writing himself.

Now, after months of planning, preparation, writing, editing, art production and all sorts of other things, we think we’re just about ready to unleash this labour of love on a hopefully receptive readership. It’s not that we think very highly of ourselves when we say we want to get excellent and fresh horror material out there for people to enjoy. Nah, it’s more like a dedication to something we all love. Something dark and wonderful. Something we can look at and say “Yeah, I’m not sleeping tonight. That’s so cool!”

Something like The Uninvited Magazine.

We want quality. We want to impress people with great stories and art. Adam truly believes this is possible, and not just for the iPad. We’re already planning to get The Uninvited out into the wilds through various platforms so that anyone can get their sick, twisted paws on it.

We welcome any and all, whether they be professionals in the industry or just starting out to submit material to us. We’ll make sure it gets a fair shake and will even provide positive feedback. One thing to keep in mind: We pay our contributors. Nothing in this world is free, even—or should I say especially– the good things. If you come across The Uninvited in an, um, “electronically borrowed” way, that’s cool. We don’t judge. We just hope you can shoot us a couple bucks to show your support for the magazine, and thus support for the insanely talented individuals we are blessed to have working with us.

Please, enjoy the hell out our little hell-raising venture. Contact us anytime with your thoughts and feelings, opinions and criticisms. We happily welcome them. And, hey, if you feel like throwing us a set of horns and giving our regards to The Unspeakable Powers Who Be, we’re okay with that to.


The Uninvited Team

Rock Bay Media Announces The Uninvited Magazine

Rock Bay Media of beautiful Victoria, BC, is proud to announce THE UNINVITED MAGAZINE — a digital magazine for horror lovers, by horror lovers. THE UNINVITED MAGAZINE strives to contain only the best horror short stories and ghoulish illustrated yarns from today’s hottest professionals and up-and-coming creators, guaranteed to knock your traumatized socks off.

Adam Blainey, President of Rock Bay Media and Publisher of THE UNIVITED says, “We want to resurrect the spirit of the magazines of old, like Weird Tales, for instance, by providing the best material possible in an easy-to-access medium with world-wide distribution… in this case, an app for the iPad.”

Assembling a crack team of writers, artists, designers and editors, Blainey has put into motion something nearly unspeakable. Until now.

Adam beams, “Man, I’m really excited about this whole thing. I just can’t help it! I’m really excited about experiencing this on my iPad! ”

THE UNIVITED will feature relentless talent from around the world, first bringing you their twisted visions in the new and exhilarating iPad format. Releases of THE UNINVITED in other formats will follow in the near future.

The inaugural issue promises to be a delightfully macabre treat, with artistic and literary contributions from the likes of Steve Sprayson, Nunun Nurjannah, Warren Zahari, Nicole Brune, Mark MacKenzie, Steven G. Saunders, Adam Donahue, Ken Lillie-Paetz and Alex Diochon.

Available in May, first exclusively for iPad users around the globe, THE UNINVITED can be easily procured by teeming, slavering hordes of horror fans for the reasonable price of $4.99.

For details regarding review copies, email