Issue #2

It’s still alive!

The second issue of The Uninvited is here, offering more of the best horror by various creators from across the globe.

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In this issue:


Dusty Peterson
Evil clowns. In a box. We hope you don’t suffer from coulrophobia.

Dusty is a professional illustrator and video game artist for over 13 years. He has worked with companies such as Treyarch, Monolith Productions, Metalblade Records, and Earache Records among others.

Anything for Love

Written by J G Flaherty
Cover art by Rachele Aragno
Colours by Alex Novitski

How much is Nick Tuccione willing to sacrifice for love?

JG Faherty is the author of The Burning Time, Cemetery Club, the Bram Stoker Award nominated Ghosts of Coronado Bay, and 50-odd short stories/ novellas. He writes adult and YA horror/ sic-fi/ fantasy. His works range from quiet, dark suspense to over-the-top gruesomeness.

Ghost Writer

Story by Ken Lillie-Paetz
Art by Fernando Granea
Letters by Crank!
Installation art by Ken Lillie-Paetz
Photography by Peter Mihaichuk

Has it seemed like an eternity since your favourite author has published anything new?

Kenneth Lillie is best known for his rambling theories on “How to Avoid the Apocalypse by Attacking Heaven and Hell First,” and “Why Lemurs and Monkeys Just Can’t Get Along.” These musings can be found in his comic book properties, Elsinore, and Monkey in a Wagon vs. Lemur on a Big Wheel. Also available for the strong of stomach is his retrospective on a writer and his fingers in his short story, Hypergraphia, featured in, The Uninvited #1. Though not for the faint of heart, the story maintained enough readers to become a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction, where Mr. Lillie met his defeat at the hands of Stephen King.

Double Helix

Written by Amy Grech
Cover art by Alain Mauricet

Technology is advancing and she wants your blood. Your donation is vital to the cause.

Amy Grech has sold over one hundred stories and three poems to various anthologies and magazines including: Apex Magazine, Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled, Inhuman Magazine, Needle Magazine, Space & Time, and many others. Damnation Books published her second collection, Blanket of White.

Poetry by Marge Simon

These Laments
The Lottery, Revisited (3rd place award at Balticon 2013)
A Private Purchase
The Human Guest (3rd place award at Balticon 2011)

Marge Simon is a past president of the SFPA and editor of Star*Line. A former 1995 Best Long Poem Rhysling winner, she won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in poetry, 2008, the Strange Horizons Readers Award, 2010, and the SFPA Dwarf Stars Award for short poetry, 2012.


Story by Jonathan Maberry
Cover art by Dominek Broniek

There will be no escape from Chokepoint Baker.

Jonathan Maberry is a NY Times bestselling author, multiple Bram Stoker Award winner, and freelancer for Marvel Comics. His novels include: Extinction Machine, Fire & Ash, Patient Zero, and many others. His award-winning teen novel, Rot & Ruin, is now in development for film.

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Issue #1

It all starts here! The first issue of The Uninvited offering only the best horror by various creators from across the globe.

Or… download a PDF direct thru PayPal

Need a FREE preview? Download it now, fall in love, and then come back to buy.


In this issue:


Steve Sprayson
Simple and effective. We hope you will think so, too.


(Short Story, nominated for 2012 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in the field of horror writing)
Written by Ken Lillie-Paetz
Art by Fiona Staples
Writing can be a dangerous business. Find out why.

The Most Beautiful Girl

(Short Story)
Written by Mark MacKenzie
Art by Ann Koi
Dale meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen… but what secrets does her beauty hide?

The Devil Eggs in Except Reality

Story by Steven G. Saunders
Art by Nunan Nurjannah
Additional art by Myke Allen 
Letters by Warren Zahari
Welcome to the Weird Front, troops, and this time it’s seen through the eyes of a special group specifically selected to take out a secret Nazi research facility. Just another cliché Weird War story… right?


Story and Art by Alex Diochan
What lies below? An age old question answered by the exploration of men and their desires.

Snakes and Skulls

(Short Story)
Story by Adam Donahue
Art by Warren Zahari
Being sent to the Safety Camps is tough for any family to handle. Find out why Rufus was the lucky one.